The Modafino Salon Philosopy

Our Philosophy | "Be Organic"

“We believe, the most celebrated artists and businesses are directly engaged with the culture of the time, and we don’t want to be just another response to the culture, we want to disrupt the beauty industry and influence the culture that surrounds it,” says Tommy O, founder and visionary of Modafino. “We want to be the chicken and the egg.” It is true, these are extraordinary times people are living in today. Technology is improving the quality and direction of life for so many. Social media and Silicon Valley have changed how people think about themselves, their business and their freedom. Society has become liberated through instant communication and ubiquitous access to fame, fortune and the best things this life has to give.

Value is a word thrown about by businesses every minute of every day like a mylar balloon blowing in the wind above a stadium full of people. What does it mean? What does it say? The Modafino definition of value is “Quality, innovative and organic products and services within the budgets of working people,” says Tommy O. “Everything we do is designed to be personalized, healthy and economical for our customers, distributors and retailers.” The industry today is so saturated with the “me-too” crowd, it is refreshing to see what Modafino has on the horizon.  From styling products that perform multiple functions to patented devices that will change the way you buy haircare products to handheld and color technology that will change the way you think about your salon. Modafino is the real deal! They do not just talk about innovation and value, they ARE innovation and value.

Besides making hair products from natural and organic sources Modafino is making a difference in the community. “I believe in giving back, in second chances and leaving the world a better place than you found it,” says Tommy O. “That is why we decided to donate ALL proceeds of our first 8000 units of shampoo and conditioner to charity.” Modafino definitely puts their money where their mouth is. They are working with a Montana based charity called United Luv. The charity’s sole purpose is to help kids with cancer. United Luv puts iPads in the hands of kids that are going through chemotherapy to help them keep their mind off a sometimes, long and cruel hospital stay. “United Luv is making a difference to those kids,” says Tommy O. Join Modafino to make a positive difference in the lives of kids, our communities and the world.

The Modafino Salon Philosophy

Tommy O | Q&A

Question: Does your salon concept influence your products and creative invention or is it the other way around?

Tommy O: “I think it is not as simple as an influence comparison between salon and product. The ideas that I have after a lifetime of listening to clients and being in the business is what truly inspires me to create something that people want and need. Our products and tools are designed for the salon. So, I guess you could say they inspire each other. We will launch our flagship salon, ten new products and our signature device during 2018 and much more the following year. I think people will understand where I am coming from when they see, smell, touch and experience them for themselves. I want people to be able to personalize, on another level, their hair and skin with healthy and natural products. And, I want people to be able to come into and work at a salon that is as comfortable and liberating as taking a walk though the park. I think the products and the salon are both influenced by nature.”

Question: Have you ever doubted yourself during the process?

Tommy O: “Oh my goodness, YES. When I started this company, I was homeless, broke and had just ended a 4-year relationship on my Birthday. That day, I decided to roll the dice and take my business plan and pitch it to the smartest people I knew at the time. One at a time, they all started to believe in the project and came on board. Seven months later we had an investor and a team of engineers, lawyers, MBAs and experienced executives involved. I think that anyone who says they never have doubts is either lying or crazy. I have doubts daily, but they never stop me from taking a chance and shooting for the stars. I think the salon and our products reflect that. It is a dream come true”

Question: What is the message that you are trying to send to the industry with your innovations?

Tommy O: “I don’t know if we went into this trying to send a message, but I do know that we are definitely going to change the way the industry is now. It’s filled with product companies building their brand on gimmicks and buzzwords then being acquired by bigger fish. And salons using business models that are outdated and uninspiring. We have created a new option with our salon concept that reflects what stylists and customers have been telling me they want. As far as our products go, we are definitely going to make other companies stand up and pay attention. We have no gimmicks, buzzwords or benign formulas. We have a patented way to deliver products to our customers in a way that has never been done before. So, I guess the message to the industry would be, ‘Look out, here we come’.”